AlertBox: harnessing the community resource
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Welcome to AlertBox
electronic community watch

AlertBox networks enable public sector agencies concerned with community safety to reduce crime and the fear of crime by allowing local people to be part of the solution, which in turn improves their sense of community.

Traders and residents within networked communities can communicate instantly with each other when personal safety issues or crime is of concern. The common interest engenders cohesion, even in areas with a high level of multi-ethnicity.

Each device contains the name, address and telephone number. When you press the WARNING or HELP button, the network is made aware of the issue, the location and the person who originated the message. Essentially it is a form of electronic community watch to counter the effects of low-level crime and anti-social behaviour.

The presence of a network creates a better flow of information to community safety partnerships and safer neighbourhood teams due to "witness power" which in turn promotes community engagement and a more effective use of police resources.



AlertBox gives peace of mind at your fingertips

Easy to use: simply press a button
Low cost of ownership: no ongoing charges
Easy installation: just plug it into the mains