AlertBox: harnessing the community resource
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CSP: Community Safety Partnership

AlertBox helps all those working in crime reduction to help communities to help themselves. AlertBox networks are accountable, sustainable, scalable and re-deployable.

AlertBox employs digital wireless technology to provide simple and quick communication between residential or business neighbours. It enables individuals in their homes or at their workplace to broadcast warning messages or requests for help in an emergency all at the press of a button.

For crime and reduction partnerships, the benefits of establishing an AlertBox network include:

The reduction of crime and the fear of crime
The active encouragement of community
A powerful deterrent to repeated crime and
Improve communication between the public
   and law-enforcement authorities
Promotes better detection rates and resource

AlertBox networks records statistical data for analysis and will enable authorities to:

Identify precise time of incidents
Assess the nature of alerts
Analyse frequency of use
Identify crime and disorder hot spots
Assess trends over time

AlertBox networks may be funded from either capital or revenue budgets.