AlertBox: harnessing the community resource
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Local authorities

AlertBox is a revolutionary new tool to tackle some all-too-common problems in our communities: crime, the fear of crime, distraction tactics and anti-social behaviour. In effect, it provides an electronic form of neighbourhood watch, using digital wireless technology.

In essence, AlertBox enables individuals in their own homes or in their workplace to broadcast warning messages to neighbours, or to request help in an emergency all at the press of a button.

As a consequence, AlertBox fosters a spirit of self-help among community-minded people, and makes an important contribution to their quality of life.

As an AlertBox network grows in a locality, its effectiveness increases. The result is an extra level of security and personal safety. In addition, eye-catching signs, indicating that a network is in operation, provide an added deterrent to undesirable elements.

Further products based on the AlertBox concept are under development. If you have any feedback to contribute, or future applications to suggest, please contact us.

To find out how AlertBox can cooperate with local authorities, Contact us.